Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf

I always buy too many bananas with the intention of being healthy and eating them all, the good intention lasts about 36 hours and then I can’t be bothered with them.  So what do you do when you have old bananas in your fruit bowl? Bake a Banana Loaf of course!


In times of baking need there is only one person to turn to for a recipe… that’s right Mary Berry and her baking bible, or ‘Mury Bury’ as she sounds in my Northern Irish accent!  I have used several different recipes before, but most call for 3 bananas and I only have 2… but no fear – Mary comes up trumps!

Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf (Taken from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible)


100g Softened Butter
175g Caster Sugar
2 Large Eggs
2 Ripe Bananas (mashed)
225g Self Raising Flour
1 tsp. Baking Powder
2 tbsp. Milk

1. Preheat the oven to 180C / Fan 160C / Gas 4.
2. Lightly grease a 2lb loaf tin, then line the base and sides with baking parchment
3. Measure all ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat for about 2 minutes, until well blended
4. Spoon the mixture into the tin and level the surface
5. Bake in the pre-heated over for about 1 hour, until well risen and golden brown.  A fine skewer inserted in the centre should come out clean if the loaf is ready.
6. Leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes, then turn out, peel of the parchment and finish cooling on a wire rack.


This was so easy to make and delicious, and there wasn’t much left of it by the time it was cooled on the rack!

(Picture credit: Annie Mole / Flickr)


  1. maureen says

    Just started baking at my late years!!!! Middle aged!!! Soooo easy everybody loved this loaf when I took it into work , was scoffed in minutes !!!!

  2. shirley says

    I love cooking for family and friends but after watching Great British Bake Off it gave the courage to bake and I love it and this Banana Loaf was a real treat for my family as soon I bake anything it is gone literally in minutes so thank you :)

  3. Sian says

    A fantastic recipe! Super easy to make and if I do say so myself, my loaf has turned out beautifully!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. jac williams says

    Looks a great recipe… any suggestions for a special topping. Suitable to take to a wedding to add to the cake table .

  5. Anj says

    Really good recipe, I add a bit of cinnamon or mixed spice and also drizzle a little honey over the top of it. Is nice and moist too.

    • Queen of Everything says

      I do like a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg at times or even chocolate chips! Never tried it with honey, might give that a try next time – sounds good!

  6. Laura says

    I’ve made this loaf 5 or 6 times now and every time its turned out fantastic!! Great recipe!!

  7. lorraine armstrong says

    The easiest recipe ever! Most of the cake was eaten by my two sons before it was cool. Next time I’ll have to make 2!

    • Queen of Everything says

      It is so quick and easy! I can imagine how fast it disappeared with two hungry boys around!

    • Alison says

      I have made 2 today!!!!!! Glad I did as my sons and hubby demolished one between them after school/work!!!! Brilliant recipe, so simple :-)

      • Chelle says

        Fab recipe. Tastes wonderful everytime. I have a friend whose gluten intolerant. Was wondering if anyone had tried it with gluten free flour? X

        • Adele says

          Hi, I haven’t tried making this with gluten free flour (yet!) but a few people have commented a while ago about making it with gluten free flour and all seem to have had success! Glad you enjoyed it, it’s so easy to make!

        • Keri says

          I have, the trick with GF flour is to add a bit more liquid. In this recipe I put 4tbsp of milk in and also make sure you are using GF baking powder or sub with xathan(sp?) gum
          My Gluten eating friends have no idea it’s gluten free until I tell them :)

        • Heather says

          Made this cake for the first time tonight and the house smells amazing. I am allergic to wheat and use Dove self raising flour or any wheat free self raising flour just use in the same way swapping like for like. I do this with all cake recipes and never have an issue. Cannot wait to try this banan cake after reading all the reviews thanks everyone

    • Queen of Everything says

      They never last long in this house either! Devoured when its just fresh from the oven!

  8. Maria says

    Fantastic! First time I ever made a banana loaf and it came out superb. My friends were all drooling over it haha

  9. Hazera Forth says

    I made this today with my 4 year old and she licked out the bowl. We added hemp seeds, almonds, raisins and a bit of vanilla essence and it’s so moist. Going to have to make this again as half of it is gone already – only came out of the oven about 2 hours ago.

    • Queen of Everything says

      I’ve never put seeds or nuts in it before, that sounds really tasty I might give it a go the next time!

      • Hazera Forth says

        I have made it again but didn’t have any caster sugar so have substituted with about 100ml of agave nectar. And have added blueberries – as they were there. Thanks for the recipe in the first place – it really is moist. If I wanted to make a gluten free version for my friend’s daughter – would the gluten free self raising flour work just as well? Or should I use something else?

        • Janina says

          I have made it with gluten free self-raising flour and it turned out perfect. I also put a few spoonfuls of Dutch cocoa powder in it.

    • Queen of Everything says

      Oh that sounds good too – always like to hear ways of making it a bit different! Thanks for sharing that!

  10. Alex says

    This recipe is fantastic, a delicious banana bread which goes nicely with a small helping of cream, absolutely divine! The best recipe I have found xx

  11. Fiona says

    I like baking but never made banana loaf before, this is one of the easiest recipes I have ever tried and the cake is “delicious” according to my mum

  12. Liz says

    Love this recipe! I make it as a loaf for grown-ups or as cupcakes for the children. Goes down a treat with everyone and is great for packed lunches.

  13. debz says

    ive made this several times, my family sit waiting for it to come out of the over. it never has time to cool right down as we like it still warm and buttered

    • Queen of Everything says

      I haven’t tried freezing it yet – problem is its demolished so quickly after coming out of the oven, it doesn’t get the chance to get near the freezer! I think it should be OK to freeze though.

      • Queen of Everything says

        Thanks for checking that out! And good to know – though I cant see any of these lasting long enough to make the freezer in this house! :)

  14. Ruth Wheeldon says

    My daughter introduced me to your banana cake while I was staying with her in Scotland, just arrived back to Wales and thought I would try it my-self.
    Great result with very little effort. All gone within 30mins.

  15. flick says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe :) am about to have a go at it and was wondering if the butter should be unsalted or salted? Thanks!

  16. Hannah says

    I’m new to baking..but I made my first lemon cake last week and it went down a storm… I wanted to bake this in the morning..can I use plain flour instead of self raising? I have baking powder..will that make it rise? All new to me!

  17. Nicki Fletcher says

    Made 2 today, lovely, had to steal eggs from neighbour with promise to send a few slices round. Neighbours are Indian family who not made it before. She so impressed wanted recipe immediately, so your link been posted on my facebook page also encouraging others to give it a go. I added vanilla essence, mixed spice and a little cinnamon. Really yummy. Thanks xxx

  18. Evergreen21 says

    I followed the recipe a few days ago. What an easy and simple bake. So thought I would make a few adjustments! I put three tablespoons of peanut butter in my and a tsp of vanilla essence. It was a big hit even with my mum who doesn’t like Banana loaf as it’s to heavy!

  19. Bee says

    Thought I would try this recipe as I had a couple of over ripe bananas I needed to use up but was a bit worried because I’ve never made one before. But I needn’t have worried as it was so easy to make & turned out lovely. Will definitely be making it again!

  20. emersdad says

    I bake with my 7yr old very Monday and it’s always fairy cakes so I was desperate to try something different. I halved the recipe (except baking powder) made the mixture runny with extra milk and poured into muffin cases. I reduced the cooking time to 20mins. Worked a treat.

  21. SarahLucy says

    I made this with one large banana, forgot the second by accident. I put vanilla and cinamon in it too. Such a lovely texture. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  22. Louise says

    I have just baked this for the time using gluten free flour and substituting the baking powder for xanthum gum, as I am gluten intolerant. It’s come out beautifully and I cant wait to take it to my god daughters birthday party tomorrow now…

    … how will I not eat it before then!!

  23. Eloise says

    This is such a great recipe, I come back to it frequently. Just seen the comment about adding some peanut butter – inspired me to go try that right away!! I also replace the tablespoons of milk with some Rum to give it a slightly different dimension.

  24. Issy Hallam says

    The last time I made a banana loaf it was a disaster, many years ago. With 5 small over ripe bananas looking well past their sell by date I decided to have another bash at banana loaf. This was the first site I came too and I have to agree that it is such an easy recipe. I doubled the mixture and substituted a few of the ingredients. I swapped a third of the flour with wholemeal and added approx. 30g of chopped mixed nuts. I also used a variation of golden cast sugar soft brown sugar and little bit of left over cane sugar and swapped the butter for Flora buttery which I often use in cake making as it is quite oily and gives a good moist result. The final ingredient was a generous teaspoon full of ground ginger. Result, Awesome.

  25. Bethany says

    The only recipe I use, and for someone who likes to try recipes once and not come back to them, this is a firm favourite. I always add cinnamon, and sprinkle a cinnamon-sugar mix on top. Makes the top really yummy and crispy and when you cut in it’s lovely, soft, and moist. Definitely the best recipe out there

  26. Geraldine says

    Made this Banana Loaf yesterday and the family have scoffed it already! Thank you for a great recipe, it was lovely and moist and tasted amazing. Couldn’t believe that it turned out so well as it was my first attempt at making Banana Loaf.

  27. Jo says

    I tripled the recipe as had 6 bananas, made a large round cake and 30 muffins for kids at school. Added cinnamon and a large dollop of Nutella, yummy xx

  28. tracy says

    I just made this recipe with gluten free flour so my 15yr old could have some. The 3 blokes in my home don’t do bananas, especially the brown ones. Instead of a loaf , I shared the mixture into small cake cases. They have eaten a few already and enjoyed them. Result! My mum made these for my brothers and me when we were younger. She would also add weetabix to the mixture , and give them to us when we wouldn’t eat breakfast, and we would eat them on the way to school, maybe my boys will do the same, as they never want to bother with breakfast either. Yummy, I’ll be taking some to work for heartbreak time.

  29. Spurssarah says

    Made two of these last week and they were the best banana cakes I have ever had. Doing two more this afternoon. They freeze well too and taste just as good after defrosting.

  30. Katy says

    Hi-great recipe.i made banana muffins with the recipe instead of a loaf- baking for 20-30 mins which also works really well

  31. Subashini says

    its a superb recipe, my first attempt at baking from scratch, i added some raisins, pistachios and pecans and it got devoured by family in less than 2 hours.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • return of the baker says

      Ive just tried it with raisins. Also trying a touch of Greek yogurt as I wanted to reduce the butter content by half. Looking forward to the results.

  32. says

    Was sitting at the kitchen table noodling around on my iPad when I noticed 3 rather too-ripe-for-eating bananas in the fruit bowl. Promptly googled ‘banana cake’ and up popped this recipe. I scaled up the recipe to accommodate 3 bananas and added some chocolate chips and mixed spice. A loaf and round cake are baking as I type – will report back with the verdict of the taste test! Thanks for sharing and blogging!

  33. Lanztc says

    This is my all time favourite cake receipe. I don’t bake much but this is so eat to make. I’ve got a loaf in the oven at the moment. I just wish I’d made enough for 2 as I’ve just read the comments and can’t wait to try it with some of the extra bits & pieces that people have used.

  34. Nicole says

    I have never really done baking before , but this recipe is so easy, I have already made it 3 times in the last two weeks as it doesn’t last too long with my two hungry kids. They love it.

  35. Emma says

    I’ve made this cake so many times and now I’ve added a little to improve it. I always add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and an extra banana (3 in total) to this recipe and as I have a fan oven I bake it at 160 for just 50 mins. It turns out perfect every time.

  36. Danielle says

    Wonderful recipe. I doubled this so you can imagine how much banana loaf I have!!! As I couldn’t find my loaf tin, I used a muffin tray and 2 cake tins! So it’s like I’m breeding banana cake.

  37. Hannah Stuart says

    I’m 13 years old and I was looking for a recipe to make a banana loaf and I read through a few and this sounded easy so I tried and it came out
    perfectly and tasted even better ! X so thank-you
    for this easy perfect tasty recipe ! :-)

  38. Julia Dickens says

    I’ve made this banana loaf from your website many times and it’s always been fab :-) Today I needed to use up some defrosted stewed apple so made an apple variation….I added 2 tsp ground cinnamon, a portion of cold stewed apple (tried to guess approx 2 bananas worth!!) instead of the bananas and topped with a muscovado glaze (some dark muscovado sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla essence and tbsp cold water). The mixture was very wet but it baked in an hour and tasted delicious! Will have to try even more variations :-)

  39. Gemma says

    Ok, i use only 100 g sugar, and add a whole bar of bournville. Makes 24 cakes or 12 muffins. Oh and 3 bananas. Is so easy and ive tried quite a few recipes.

  40. Jen says

    I found this post while searching for an old recipe I used to use but couldn’t find again. Tried this one with half a tsp cinnamon and a handful of walnuts and it was delicious! I forgot to add the milk but it hasn’t seemed to matter. It’s come out lighter and fluffier than my old recipe – I love it! DDelicious warm from the oven last night and just had another slice with a cup of tea this morning and it’s yummy cold too. Think I may have to go buy some bananas to forget to eat so I have to make another loaf to use them up :)

  41. Elizabeth Edwards says

    I’ve made this several times lately, always yummy. Today I started writing it into my favourite recipe book and discovered it was identical to my late mothers recipe – I grew up on her banana bread Except she used 3 bananas which I have been doing anyway. She always served it with butter spread, not sure that is necessary but I’ve continued her habit!

  42. Ma says

    Brilliant. My banana bread efforts are often disastrous but this one looks just like the picture. Thx for sharing, now if I can just wait for it to cool before I cut it…!

  43. Bevetley says

    Delicious with a capital D. Super, simple recipe. I kept a close eye on it from an hour into cooking but mine took and hour and a quarter at 160c in my Miele fanplus oven. Soft and moist in the middle. Browned nicely and well risen on the outside. Husband much appreciative!

  44. tess says

    I just made it one hour ago and was brill my mummy helped me and I brought it in for my p7 teacher mrs Hackett she loved it she told me to write it out and give it too her so I am going to tomorrow. Luv ya Merry Berry she should be the queen of food xx

  45. Lydia says

    Great easy recipe – made it to use up a bag of frozen bananas that I’d taken out of the freezer and forgot to put back in. I added a couple of handfuls of chopped chocolate because everything is better with chocolate! Really easy and quick so a big hit with me, delicious and healthy-ish so big hit with my boys!

  46. Adam Simpson says

    Am 17 years old and I love to bake I have done this several times and all touch wood have been fabulous and yummy great recipe :) :)

  47. Katija Hassen says

    Well what can I say. Tha fact that the cake was scoffed the moment I turned it out onto the cooling rack! Yummy, delicious, omg this is so good and you know what I didn’t even get a piece to taste. Yes indeed it is an amazingly tasty cake. Made it again and the second time round I made sure I got to taste it. It’s now my family’s favourite Friday brunch cake. I live in the UAE so our weekend is Fri/Sat. Thank you for a lovely recipe.

  48. Amy says

    I loveeeee this recipe!!! Soo thanks for uploading, Ive baked it a few times now and it always goes down well with everyone! i personally perfered it with three bananas tho, also i added mixed spices and almond essence :) and made a frosting for on top out of cream cheese icing sugar and a splash of lemmon juice :) i used the same frosting for carrot cake its delious!

  49. Olivia says

    Wow – love this! I have been using another recipe that has started going stodgy and horrible every time – now this one will be my new favourite!

    I left out the baking powder (I hate the taste!) and it rose perfectly and is very light, moist and delicious!

    I added in some coconut because I had some to use – and sprinkled some on the top – yum!!!

    Thanks for posting this :)

  50. keeley says

    I have made this cake many times. I make a butter cream icing for the top and cover it with crushed walnuts. It looks fab and it tastes fab !

  51. Hazera Forth says

    I have just made it again. This time with almond flour. Mainly because of gluten free folk I know who would like to try it. It’s still in the oven so will see how it turns out!

  52. Harriet Florence says

    Hello i have just made this but it has come out like a banana victoria sponge!! is this a banana loaf or supposed to be banana bread? It was tasty still though!! x

  53. Maria says

    I made this with Doves Farm Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour blend and Vitalite dairy free spread for my ‘Free-From’ DD and it was a roaring success. Light, fluffy and delicious!

    • Adele says

      Hi Emma, its so tasty and it does freeze very well (well as long as any of it actually makes the freezer!!)


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